With dedication and passion, anything is possible

I take pride in being able to provide my services to my clients since the day I started m5 and I will continue to live this dream and provide new and better solutions to them whenever possible.
Melvin - FOUNDER & CEO

Melvin started exploring his passion in the world of IT at a remarkably young age of 12 as he was playing with computers laying around him instead of toys.

​With such a passion and hardwork, Melvin won his very 1st Interschool Award in Computer [CPA] in his secondary grades. Melvin knew this would be his career path and started furthering his knowledge through taking external courses to upgrade himself, turning his passion into a valuable skillset.

Therefore, with each milestones that Melvin achieved, he became the HOD of Computer Science in the Institute of Computer Science in the year 1989, held Country Managerial and Regional Directorial roles in tech giants companies like Cisco, Portal Software, Converge Software, Brocade, Hitach and Falconstor. He is also seen as the pioneer who implements processes in market transformation to IP.

​Melvin is experienced and passionate in providing reliable and professional IT services to his clients and regional partners whenever possible.